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State Infrastructure Strategy 2022-2042

Design the investment program to endure


Infrastructure demands on the NSW Government budget will continue to be significant. While the type and mix of infrastructure projects will change, investments in the maintenance of infrastructure are set to increase.

The balance of spending should tip towards technology upgrades, augmentation of existing assets and networks, and structured maintenance as the asset base in NSW matures in line with international peers.

The NSW Government should continue with successful policies such as asset recycling, user charges and value capture to sustain its infrastructure investment pipeline. It should also seek more private sector co-investment and more long-term programmatic funding support from the Australian Government.

Strategic directions

These are the strategic directions to best meet the challenges and opportunities of this theme. They inform specific recommendations.

Reconsider megaprojects and invest in existing infrastructure through augmentation, digitisation and maintenance.

Diversify funding sources to deliver future investments.

Ensure the construction market has the capacity, capability and productivity to meet increasing demands.

Consolidate a robust process for investment prioritisation, project sequencing and investment appraisal.


These are the recommendations and sub-recommendations for this objective. The recommendations are numbered as they appear in the report.

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Infrastructure demands on the NSW Government budget will continue to be significant. While the type and mix of infrastructure projects will change, in...

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